Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of image formats can be uploaded?

All images should be in color format RGB and in file format PNG. Resolution (DPI) should be 72 pixels per inch.

What is a Kiosk Image?

The Kiosk Image is the image that is automatically displayed on the Moblty Kiosks screen. The image is rotated through the display with other offers with a new page being displaying every 7 seconds by default. The autorotation will be turned off for a time when the user touches the screen.

Images can be either portrait or landscape. When creating the artwork, please make sure it meets the requirements below.

  • Portrait Ad: 590 pixels wide X 900 pixels high
  • Landscape Ad: 1250 pixels wide X 875 pixels high

Since the Moblty tablet is interactive it is good practice to remind customers to touch the ad. Adding text such as “Touch to learn more” will result in more customers interacting with your ads.

What is a Text Image?

When a Kiosk image is touched a “Text” Image can be displayed. This presents more details about the offer shown on the kiosk image. This image is often a coupon that will be sent to a phone or email address as shown, to be redeemed at a location. This image is always 540 pixels wide by 850 high.

What is a Movie?

Rather than showing a static text image, a short movie can be displayed. It is good practice to keep this movie between 15 and 30 seconds. A user can enter an email or phone number to receive more information while the movie is playing or the movie can just be played back full screen. The movie should be in mp4 format.

What is Web Content?

A zip file containing a web site can also be displayed either as a replacement for an image or a text image. It must contain an index.html in the root directory to work.

What are the available Delivery Options?

Once a kiosk image is touched, the Moblty kiosk presents the option to send to phone or to send an email. There are options as to what is actually sent to the user.

We can send the text image as described above to be used as a coupon or we can redirect the user to an Internet address of your choice. For example, if your ad was for a certain brand of car, the Moblty kiosk could send a link to the nearest dealer.

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